Server’s down so a student finds another way!

The server’s down at our school over this Easter break which is causing me no end of problems as I have some important emails coming through and many that I want to respond to. One of my students was obviously feeling the frustration as well. I opened this blog during the afternoon and saw there was a comment awating moderation. It was from one of my students who opened the dialogue with, “Mrs. Luca, please don’t publish this….” She had been trying to email me through the school email but the server problems restricted access. What was her next port of call? Write a comment on my blog knowing full well that I’d be looking at it and she would be able to make the contact she needed.  

My students know of my online presence and are supportive of what I am doing. I love the fact that she did what is natural for kids of today – do what you can to make the connections you need! I wonder if my friends (of my age) would think of using this medium to contact me -maybe.   

2 Replies to “Server’s down so a student finds another way!”

  1. I think this is great! You obviously have done a great job in teaching your students. I love that the student found a way to contact you by thinking outside the box. Sometimes I wish more teachers would do that too.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I note the server problem so I will follow suit. I have just been listening to the podcast and it is clear that your students are committed to the project which seems to be growing impressively. Congratulations, Wendy

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