Open Source alternatives – check out

I have a great team of people working in our School Library who all contribute to our collective learning about Web 2.0 and new ideas for learning. Chris is our AV tech and he has been a real find – he’s young and uses these tools in his everyday life so knows his stuff. He was using GIMP today to alter a PDF document (an amazing poster created by one of our students for our Project Global Cooling concert. It needed a couple of minor changes.) Today he alerted me to, a website that provides you with open source alternatives to programs you have to purchase. They’ve just introduced a new category in their software directory for open source alternatives for educational and science software. Here’s what they have to say about this;

“The software listed will be for students as well as school administrators. Also there will be software that focuses on elementary school and high school (k12), college and university. Simulation software and educational games will also be included in the new category.”

They’ve just launched this with four products: Moodle, Sakai, Flight Gear and Octave. They provide clear, detailed outlines of what the software offers and have a ratings system so that their readers can provide input.  No doubt this list for education will grow. One to watch and add to your delicious or diigo account.




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