Project Global Cooling concert approaching fast.

Since we’ve become involved in Project Global Cooling life’s become a bit of a blur. We came in late but have stepped up to the plate and have a concert organised for Saturday April 19th. We have no budget but have convinced artists and bands to play for free. Mark Seymour (ex Hunters and Collectors), White Summer, Modern Radio and Tessa ,one of our students are performing. We just found out that Fox Klein has agreed to MC the event and another comedian, Michael Chamberlin is apparently interested in performing.  We are only asking for a gold coin donation for entry as our aim is to raise awareness about issues affecting the state of the planet – it’s not a fundraiser.  Security has been organised by a student who has managed to get people for free, and we are going to beef this up with the addition of staff, husbands and parents.  We’re working out how we are going to provide food and water for the event. We’re hoping to ustream the concert and will post about where you go in ustream to watch us go live. In the meantime, check out Naomi’s cool poster we’re using to publicise the event- we think it’s REALLY COOL.


One Reply to “Project Global Cooling concert approaching fast.”

  1. Way to go! Looks like we’re up and running for Thursday night, April 17. Our event doesn’t sound quite as large or organized as yours. It’s been touch and go at times but I think we’ll pull it off.
    Do you have a bigger version of the poster? I’d like to print one out to let people see that this is Global. Looks nice.
    Cheers. BF

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