Debut – here’s my debut using Debut!

Just discovered this great free tool via Download Squad. Have been neglecting my google reader lately – hard to balance time between Twitter, writing posts, doing work for school, oh, and that other very important part of my life, my family!

Debut is a video capture tool – here’s what I’ve just captured very easily. If I can do it, anyone can!

Here’s what Download squad have to say about Debut;

Debut could be one of the easiest to use video capture tools we’ve come across. You can use it to record videos or take screenshots from your webcam. You can use it to record screencasts. And you can save your files in a variety of formats including AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, 3GP, and MOV. And best of all, Debut is free.

Here are just a few of Debut’s features:

  • Record audio and video
  • Adjust resolution, framerate, and colors of the output video
  • Setup timed recordings by hour, minute, and second
  • Mirror recordings to a network or local hard drive 
  • Automatically send videos via email once a recording is finished, or upload to an FTP site.

I’m pretty impressed and I’ve only used it in the most basic sense. I’m thinking of recording a message for my Yr 7 class and upload it to our class blog to give them instuctions for Monday’s lesson when I’m doing a school visit. I’ll think they’ll get a kick out of that. Give it a try.

Update: Looks like the video will take a while to upload – looks a bit pixalated here but on my computer it worked fine. Have a laugh at me in pixalted form stuttering away!!

6 Replies to “Debut – here’s my debut using Debut!”

  1. Hello Jenny, so how difficult was it actually embed in the blog. I had so many problems embedding digital videos last year. Most of mine are hoste on teachertube so that I can grab the code and then embed.

  2. ooops sorry about all the errors. I had better correct them. How difficult was it to embed in the blog. Most of mine are hosted on teacher tube. (this keyboard is definitely on the way out.)

  3. Hi Anne,
    I opted to upgrade (can do this from the dashboard part of your blog) and for a $20.00 fee payment I got an extra 8gig capacity which allows me to embed differing file formats. Saves time and we all know time is of the essence!

  4. The concept looks good but the issue is probably the file size of the video. Can you tell me how big is the video you’ve uploaded i.e. how many MBs? You probably need to save in a different format to reduce file size or quickly take through MovieMaker to reduce it (like I had to do with my video on Flickr).

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