How to deliver a great presentation – Garr Reynolds can and maybe me too!

I’m presenting at the SLAV conference about Web 2.0 on Monday May 12th at the Telstra Dome. Will Richardson is delivering the keynote address so it’s a bit of a big deal. My head is quite literally spinning with what it is I need to say to try and turn a few people on to the potential of Web 2.0 tools for learning. Tony Richards, from IT made simple, is going to help me out by ustreaming my presentation. Tune in and see whether or not I can deliver the goods. I’ll post the link closer to the date. Tony’s helped me out again by posting this YouTube video on his blog, Learning – Thinking -Playing. This is Garr Reynolds, who writes a blog called Presentation Zen, talking to Google staff about how to deliver an effective presentation. It’s long -72 minutes- but totally worth watching!

I’m watching. I’m learning. Just need to deliver!   


3 Replies to “How to deliver a great presentation – Garr Reynolds can and maybe me too!”

  1. That’s so cool Jenny. And you can do it! You’ll be fine 🙂 .

    Last time I did a presentation at a conference I decided that the biggest issue for participants is they attend the session but unlike the online world have no ability to reflect on their learning. So since I did a session in the morning and afternoon I decided to go out on a limb by giving them my mobile number. I said to them “There is absolutely no way that I can cover everything so think about what I’ve said and send me a text message of what I haven’t explained but you’d like me to explain.”

    What I was trying to achieve was to make their learning more than just the conference session. I did similar when I presented online last year. Set up so that they could share their ideas before the session and continue the discussion afterwards.

    I also have a series of post on my blog based on mlearn on not what to do as a presenter that are worth checking out.

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