Spreading the good word!

Home now after a long drive home from Melbourne after presenting at the Telstra Dome today.

How do I feel? 

Relieved for one. Glad that SlideRocket came through and worked without the slightest problem. Hopeful that what I said struck a chord with some people. Hopeful that people didn’t leave feeling like it is all too hard to make this shift. Hopeful that some in the audience were inspired by Will Richardson who delivers the message so well.   

Thrilled to have met some of my Twitter friends. Jo McLeay was wonderful – she participated in the chat room on Ustream and helped people understand the context of slides when they couldn’t hear audio. She’s just tweeted with a link to my presentation that she recorded on ustream – how incredibly kind of her to do this – my recording didn’t work. Anne MirschtinJess McCulloch and John Pearce were there and it was  wonderful to make contact.

Equally thrilled to have some of my O/S twitter buddies participate in the ustream chat. A special thank you to Dennis Richards who emailed me with the transcript of the chat so that I could see the reactions of the watchers to what I was presenting. Some of the others in the room were Carolyn Foote, Mark Spahr, Dean Groom (I think?) Peggy George and connected geek (don’t know their real name!) Carolyn Foote tuned in just as I was showing the slide with her blog post on it. Freaky huh! Mark Spahr was great trying to help me out before the presentation began with the video camera I was using – it was operating in demo mode. He had the instruction book open at his house in Maine and was trying to figure out how to fix it. How cool is that! Help from Maine USA to Melbourne Australia. The audience could see the tweets coming through – a brilliant visual example of how this network operates and the supportive environment that it is.

I’m very tired -the result of the six hours I spent last night fixing up the SlideRocket presentation. Worth it. The effective transitions you can use made an impact. All that effort with the slides was also worth it – quite a few people have requested that I upload them to Slideshare. Not sure if I can upload from SlideRocket – may have to upload the PowerPoint – same slides. I’ll get it done tomorrow – way too tired right now!! 

7 Replies to “Spreading the good word!”

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Glad SlideRocket worked out for you! We’d love to see your presentation too. You won’t be able to upload to SlideShare just yet but you can easily embed it in your blog if you’d like!

    Good luck,


  2. It was a great conference, Jenny. Your passion and excitement about Web 2.0 was clearly evident and I’m sure others were inspired. Mind you, many at my table looked a little shell shocked. The challenge for all of us is encouraging our colleagues to take their own journey (perhaps we won’t mention the Saturday nights though…or the fact that it becomes addictive!)

  3. Well done yesterday Jenny. I couldn’t get on a computer at my place last night – the girls and even their boyfriends get priority with uni and year 12 assignments due in. Got on and started investigating first thing this morning. You and Will enthused me so much I have made a resolution to find at least 15 mins a day to try to paddle somewhere near the wave…. long way off actually hopping on it yet. I looked up Mahalo this morning and printed off Sue’s How to doc for the wiki’s. Have to get busy now and do my homework for the online 2.0 course. Congratulations again for yesterday

  4. Great job yesterday, Jenny and Sue. I really enjoyed your presentation. I’m just writing some notes to pass on to others here, and am having fun investigating some of the new stuff from yesterday. Especially new…SlideRocket and Mahalo!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. It’s reassuring to know that you felt the presentation was worthwhile. I’m trying to figure out how to embed the SlideRocket presentation into the blog at the moment. I’ve emailed Mitch but will probably have to wait until the US wakes up until I get an answer. I’ll keep plugging away!

  6. Thanks you presentation was inspiring and it came through that you obviously love your work. You mentioned your early concerns about getting parental permission before students could blog. Did I get that correct? We are wanting to create a blog so our year 10 english classes can post their book reviews. Will we need to get permission? We will talk about Internet protocols and netiquette and have a page that also covers this. Any thoughts would be appreciated Jenny

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