10 Replies to “SlideRocket presentation – here it is!”

  1. Hi Jenny,
    GREAT presentation. I would have liked to have tried sliderocket, but I’ve left my email twice and received no reply.
    Hopefully they’ll open it up to more people soon.

  2. This looks great. I would have loved to have seen it, but your use of images as opposed to text is very attention grabbing.

    Thanks for sharing. I will investigate Slide Rocket more fully.

  3. Jenny, your presentation looks great. I was at the conference but at the time I chose my session I had not discovered your blog. I was kicking myself when I got there and realised you were the person whose blog I have been checking regularly because I love your ideas. Do you know if SLAV are planning to make a podcast of your session available as it would be great to hear the dialogue that goes with the images. I was intrigued to see that your library website is a blog (am I correct?). What a great idea… I guess that means you can easily maintain it rather than relying on webpage staff. Again great ideas.

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Wonderful presentation and great use of SlideRocket. We noticed that although you used the correct ’embed’ link we provided, you were missing the flag allowFullScreen=true. (the flag was missing altogether) Without it your users will get a small error when trying to view your presentation in fullscreen.

    We hope to see many more great SlideRocket presentations on your site in the future.

  5. I like the idea of embedding sliderocket into my Free wordpress.com blog, however after I embed my slideshow starts at 0/19 slides and is a click through presentation, however when I click it does not advance any ideas?

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