School’s out Friday

Before I begin the weekly School’s out Friday post, I want to alert you to a new blogger on the scene. Keyta is a student at the school I work at. She’s an amazing young woman with a passion for almost everything. She has only been at our school a short while, but she has made her mark by taking on positons of leadership and exemplifying qualities we would like to see young women in our school and society live up to. She is a young woman with much to say  -I hope you all follow the link and encourage her as she begins her blogging journey.

So, to this weeks School’s out Friday. Again inspired by a student from my school. My Yr 7 class were roaring with laughter this afternoon watching this. The student who showed it did so because her oral presentation was about The Chasers – a comedy group who have a television program on the ABC network. The first part has a swear word  -please ignore it – I’ve tried very hard to keep this blog clear of profanity! Unavoidable this time as the second part of the video is the part I want you to watch. It’s a take off of a Riva coffee commercial and it is very funny – enjoy your weekend. 

2 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love hearing slang from around the world.

    The poor woman on the bus…”I don’t like that word!”

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