Text 2 Mind Map – works for me

I don’t know about you, but I always find making mind maps a bit difficult. I like how they look and I think they’re a wonderful way to plot ideas, but I’m a listmaker, and I don’t always find it easy to start with the idea in the middle and work outwards.

I think this is why Text 2 Mind Map holds such appeal for me. What you do is write your list in a box on the page and then press convert it. Your text will then be interpreted as a mind map. You can move the boxes around to the configuration you want.  I haven’t yet worked out how to link them with arrows, but that will come with a bit more fiddling!

I like it!

Thanks once again to the inimitable Jane Hart for directing me to this site.

One Reply to “Text 2 Mind Map – works for me”

  1. What a nice idea, Jenny! I sometimes create a short list just to get started, turn it into a mindmap, and then extend the mindmap. This does all that for me.

    The only downside I can see is that the downloaded output is simply a jpeg, and so cannot be used in another mindmap app. Still, a good idea worth developing further.

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