School’s out Friday

This is sorta, dunno, nothing. It’s a fun video on YouTube that was first shown to me by a member of staff. A student recommended it today as a School’s out Friday post. If you’re not Australian, pay close attention to the table and the array of food items on display. There are some iconic items symbolic of Australian cuisine. Despite the strong Australian accents evident throughout, I’m sure this video will be easy to relate to by people from other countries – teenagers worldwide display attributes like this at times!

Have a great weekend!

2 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Oh yes, Jenny. Fun video. I’ll have to show it to my 15 year old grandson. He is a great kid whom I will be introducing to online learning spaces this summer. In the fall we plan to approach his 10th grade teachers with a proposal to use what he learns online to complement his more traditional studies. He has so much energy as a learner! This year he got good grades but wasn’t inspired. More like filling a bucket as Yeats would say! I hope starting this summer his experience with learning will be different.

    Regards….and thanks for the tweet.

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