Life = risk

I find videos like the one above inspiring. I think it’s good to be reminded that not everyone who has succeeded in life had an easy road to success. When you’ve reached adulthood and worked for quite a few years, I think you know that for every step forward you’ve had to take quite a few steps back. Anytime you tackle something new you take a risk and you have to be prepared to wear the possibility of failure.

That’s how I feel about trying to get people to understand why I think it’s so important to move our students forward with their use of technology as a learning tool. I wonder how our classrooms will look in 10 years time – will the teacher directed classroom still be stock standard practice, or will our focus be on empowering our students to become self-directed learners with teachers as companions and guides in the process of learning? This process is not all about technology, but it can go a long way towards opening up our classrooms to learning experiences that can help our students understand the power of global connections.

It’s a risk to walk this road, but it’s a risk worth taking. No doubt there will be backward steps along the way, but it may result in something great for all of our students. 

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