School’s out Friday

Yes, I know it’s Saturday. I spent most of last night trying to get my Sliderocket presentation finished and cached. I’ll explain that drama in my next post. Yesterday was the last day of term for me for three weeks and aren’t I glad. That’s not because I want to see the back of the students I teach; far from it. I love my students; they are so giving and bring such joy to my life. I’m just really tired and need some time to regroup and recuperate.  

I first saw this video of Taylor Mali performing his slam poetry ‘What teacher’s make’ on Dennis Harter’s blog, ‘Thinking allowed’. My nine year old son watched it with me. I loved it when he agreed with Taylor when he said he wouldn’t let students go to the toilet because they were bored. My son laughed and said that’s what he does when he’s bored – asks to go to the toilet!   

I just love how Taylor expresses the essence of teaching in this piece. Making a difference is what we do when we’re doing our job well; this should be recommended viewing for all teachers. Taylor deserves a standing ovation. 

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