School’s out Friday

Time for another School’s out Friday. I’ve been on holidays for a week now, but many schools finished today for a two week hiatus. I’m sure you’re up for a bit of a laugh and who better than Melbourne’s own Hamish and Andy to provide just that. This is them engaged in Team Ghosting – Ghosting being a sport they claim to have invented. It requires you to invade the personal space of other people by walking as close as you can to them without them noticing. It’s caught on and been banned in a few schools apparantly. An interesting thing I noticed when watching was the location where this footage was shot – it’s the corner of Swanston St. and Grattan St. and the building they’re in front of used to be called the Melbourne College of Advanced Education; this is where I studied to become a teacher. A little while ago now!!

Have a great weekend.  Rest up those of you who’ve just made it to the hols.   

One Reply to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Jenny, Thank you for starting my Friday morning off with a laugh. My wife came in to the other room at our hotel in San Antonio and said what is wrong with you I was laughing so much. Thanks for what you do and I enjoy reading you very much. Have a good break.

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