Blogging 101 – 6 months in

Today it’s been exactly six months (and one day I’ve just realised!) since I started writing this blog. What have I learnt??

You can reach out and share knowledge with the world. A surprise to me really – I did think this was going to be a resource for my school but it’s become much more than this.

It can be hard work writing a blog and sourcing ideas for posts. I’m going to go back on my initial declaration that I was aiming to write a post a day. There really is no need to post so frequently. If I find something interesting to share I will do so. but I’m not going to work myself into the ground when there is so much to balance in this life.  What has been interesting is that there is such a body of work in this blog that I’m finding it gets hits even on days when I haven’t posted.

There are amazing educators out there willing to encourage and foster the growth of new voices in the edublogosphere. Thank you to everyone who has read my posts, posted a comment or subscribed to this blog. Your readership has renewed my connection to education and made me realise there are enormous possibilities for the future.

 It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything about how a blog works before you start writing one. When I started I really had no idea what I was doing. I’ve learnt on the job so to speak. You will too.

I’m lousy at widgets. For some reason I struggle to embed the code properly and nothing works like it should. I’ve tried to put some interesting widgets in my sidebar but it never works. I need help!!

We are a connected world now. I’ve been able to have my students get involved in projects that have happened because I am writing this blog. There are so many possibilities for our students to experience a connection with other students and educators around the world if you bother to make the effort to forge these links. All it takes is effort and a desire to make your classroom more interesting for the students you teach. 

Writing in a hypertext environment brings people to you. I can’t believe some of the people and organisations who have noticed me as a result of linking to them. Amazing what is possible really. Makes me want this for my students too. 

Twitter is a natural extension of blogging. If you’re writing a blog (and even if you’re not) you should be interacting with your network via Twitter. It connects you in ways you never thought possible. I’m indebted to Clay Burell who guided me through Twitter and enabled me to form a network overnight by doing a shout out for me.  

You can establish a voice in the edublogosphere and be heard. It comes from posting and from contributing to the conversations by taking the time to comment on other people’s blogs. Comments matter. They do to me anyway. You can see your stats tick over, but the return you get from reading a comment someone has taken the time to write about a post you wrote is very empowering and keeps you going.

It’s all about having a go – a great Australian phrase that I think sums up my effort thus far. I’ve been having a go and will continue to do so. Let’s see what the next six months brings with it.

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.

15 Replies to “Blogging 101 – 6 months in”

  1. Hi Jenny, when I came back from my holidays, I realised my first blog was 12 months old. When I started I did not have a network or twitter to help me through but in the last 6 months that has also changed. I very much endorse all the comments that you have made and I know how much my students also love blogging. It makes you wonder where we will be in another 6 months, doesnt it?

  2. Wow Jenny,
    I thought you had been blogging for a lot longer. You certainly have had lots of hits.
    My experience has been similar to yours. Didn’t really know what I was doing when I started and probably still learning as I go now. It has a been a great journey for me and has connected me to many, many people.
    I look forward to reading more from you,
    Helen 🙂

  3. What a journey your blog has been. Just have to look at your cluster map to see who is reading and that what you have to say is valued. I agree with the hard work. I seem to do more reading than writing. Thanks for sharing and I agree with Anne. What will another 6 months see?

  4. Thanks Helen, Anne and Barb,
    All of you have made a difference for me through this blogging journey, be it from a comment you have posted or a tweet on Twitter. The amount of new friends I have made (and you all do seem like friends) is quite remarkable. I never would have thought that an online connection could be meaningful, but some of the best moments from the last six months have been from online connections. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  5. Jenny,
    Congratulations on your first 6 months of blogging and here is to many more years of interesting posts from you! I always enjoy reading your ideas and it is fun to be able to say that I have a friend in Austrailia!

    Best wishes,


  6. * Phil – you do too! It pleases me greatly that you return to my blog because I have such admiration for you and all you share. You are an inspiration to me (and you give me great ideas!)

    *Mark – you, my good friend, have been with me from almost the beginning. Like you, I enjoy saying that I have a friend in Maine and I will get there one day to meet you in person!

  7. Hi Jenny, I’ve appreciated reading about your reflections of six months of blogging & tweeting. I like your point about being able to use blogs, and the connections they afford to engage student (and others). As a relative newcomer to the education blogo/shpere/verse, I’ve been thinking about how my writing and interactions have affected me and what my ‘voice’ can contribute. Thanks for sharing your point of view and keep it up…

  8. Hi Jenny,

    Have followed your blog with interest since you started. You have pointed me in the direction of some very useful information and sites to share with colleagues and with students. Keep it up.

  9. Hi Jenny
    Wow, only 6 months blogging & look at your cluster map. You should be proud – it’s a real testament to the quality of your thoughts and posts. You’re a great role model for others thinking of starting a blog.

  10. Hi Jenny,
    Your post was inspiring. I am starting a blog today. I feel much like you said…not sure what I am doing, but I am going to jump in head first !!
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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