Kyolo – make your photos interesting

I made this using Kyolo – a very cool and easy application that allows you to put speech bubbles on pictures you upload. Exceptionally easy -will be great for students to use.

This, as some of you might remember, is the beautiful Bella. Bella is my friend’s dog and we are looking after her while she is teaching overseas. She is a real sweetheart and has totally ingratiated herself into our household. This is the dog who started off sleeping in the garage (with a nightlight mind you!) and now enjoys the run of the house and any couch that’s going spare! She absolutely loves food -hence the weight gain, so an exercise plan and restricted diet is in order. So hard when she salivates in the kitchen and drools when you’re making a meal. We all love her to pieces and can’t resist the plaintive expression from those sad puppy dog eyes, BUT, we will have to be strong for her best interests!!

Have a go at Kyolo -lots of fun and I’m sure our students will find uses for it to enhance their project work.

3 Replies to “Kyolo – make your photos interesting”

  1. Every time I think I have collected or found enough applications here comes another! Thanks for sharing this. I think my year3 students will enjoy using it after the holidays.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I’m trying to build up a set of science photos to use as formative assessments. This bubble tool will let me add several interpretations of the situation…then I’ll be able to see what my students know and don’t know based on how they judge the bubbles!!!

  3. Thanks Jenny, this looks nice & simple for primary students.

    Sounds as though you’ll miss Bella when your friend gets back. Our dog started off sleeping in the laundry, now it’s wherever she pleases! Doesn’t take them long 🙂

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