Passing the time with Sheryl, Chris, Wes, Kevin and Dean.

I’m frightened I’m going to sound like a braggart in this post but I’m pretty darn chuffed about being a guest panelist for Sheryl Nussbaum Beach’s workshop in West New York State on Wednesday night last week (my time 11.00pm to be exact!). Been so busy haven’t had a chance to write about it. Sheryl asked me to join a panel to discuss inquiry and project based learning utilising Web 2.0. The intention was to highlight that Web 2.0 tools are not to be taught in isolation. They need to be integrated into meaningful authentic learning tasks where they can take students to new places with their learning.

When Sheryl sent me the link to the wiki I was amazed to see who else was on the panel. Chris Lehmann, Wes Fryer, Kevin Honeycutt and Australia’s own Dean Groom (an expert in Project based learning using Web 2.0 as the driving force behind creation of tasks). Such illustrious company for little old me to be involved with. The session was for educators from West New York (State) near Buffalo. It was held using elluminate. I could see the names of the participants but couldn’t see or hear them. They could see who was speaking as we enabled our webcams to be accessed. It was a fantastic opportunity to share my experiences with people in the United States and let them know what a transformative experience it has been for me writing this blog. I was able to share with them how making connections has enabled my students to have experiences wider than the classroom walls we habitate.

You could hear the passion for the idea of Learning 2.0 from Chris, Wes, Kevin and Dean. I think it was obvious that all of us were student focused in our belief that it is transformative adopting new technologies to transform learning experiences for the students we have dealings with. I hope the participants got a sense of this and that they reach out like we have done to make connections for their students. Sheryl recorded the session so when I find out where the link is to that I’ll post it.

I’ve been involved in helping to establish the Australian arm of a global cohort for Sheryl and Will Richardson’s Powerful Learning Practice. I see it as a means of increasing the capacity of our teachers to move with change and see the potential of Learning 2.0/Web 2.0 for their classroom practice. We’re still seeking a couple of schools so if you’re an Australian educator and want some detail contact me through this blog and I’ll pass on some info.  

Thanks Sheryl for the invite. It made my week.

5 Replies to “Passing the time with Sheryl, Chris, Wes, Kevin and Dean.”

  1. Jenny, I was amazed to be asked. Not sure I’m ‘the expert’, but it was great to get to talk about how PBL and Web2.0 work so well together in the classroom, rather than talk about PBL or Web2.0.

    I am really looking forward to the PLP project. It will give an element of authenticity that I think our ‘learning community’ needs. I am sure that they are sick of hearing it from me, so to get a few teachers to ‘live’ it will be tremendous.

  2. I was a participant in Sheryl’s workshop last week. It was amazing to be involved in the elluminate process and to hear from all of you guys about these “ideas” actually coming to fruition in the classroom. My school (Niagara Academy) started with technology last year, but it seemed to be very isolated for me….”Here’s a cool tool you can use…” I now truly see how my content (English), 21st century skills, and technology all can work together to enhance student learning. I am so excited about all the resources Sheryl gave us and about increasing my “professional learning network”. I cannot wait to get back into the classroom in Septemember! Thank you again for being part of Shery’s workshop!

  3. Yes you have every right to brag here-it is quite a big deal. Be sure to REPRESENT! That is quite an impressive list there, and I for one am in awe. I remember seeing your name in our cover-it-live session at NECC08 (Carolyn Foote was running it for our Library 2.5 session) and I though oh, we are big time b/c LOOK: Jenny Luca is in the chats!! So enjoy this glory–it is well deserved.

  4. Hi Jenny, I would LOVE to be involved.. in this project. It is exactly where we are at in our journey at HFS. I’m sure there would be a few of us from my school who would be interested. Please put us on the list!

  5. Hi Jenny, I’ve just arrived back in Australia after attending NECC in San Antonio and visiting family. I heard of Will Richardson’s project and am keen to be involved in it from Australia. These guys are a really motivated group who are slowly but surely bringing about change in schools in very practical, constructive ways. Look forward to hearing from you. Camilla

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