School’s out Friday

A couple of weeks ago I featured Hamish and Andy and their Team Ghosting effort in the streets of Melbourne. Quite a lot of people commented on it both on and off the blog. I love Hamish and Andy. They have a radio program from 4.00pm -6.00pm on 101.9 Fox FM here in Melbourne, Australia. They’re great listening. I cringe when they play their blast from the past segment. What they do is select a random phone number and ring that person. The task is to convince the person on the end of the phone that they’re a friend from the past and then they have to get them to agree to something, be it looking after their children, lending them money or giving them a psychic reading amongst others. Cringable stuff but very funny nonetheless.

This is them seeing what they can get when they use crying as a method. Funny stuff.

Enjoy your weekend.

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