Google Chrome – now they have a browser. World domination beckons.

I’ve just downloaded Google Chrome. This is Google’s new browser, released about an hour ago. Just playing right now but it’s looking pretty good. The pages load very quickly and I seem to be moving faster into applications. I’ve been using Internet Explorer. Flock didn’t do it for me and Firefox has problems at work so I just went with what was comfortable. Lately I’ve been having so many problems loading pages with IE I’ve just about been going crazy.  I’ll be interested to see how this works. the buzz on the net so far is that it’s pretty slick.

Google really are covering all bases to ensure that they become our brand of choice. I really heavily now on my Google Reader and Gmail.  At this early stage, looks like I might become reliant on their browser too.  They’ve relased a video explaining the story of Google Chrome. Check it out. 

One Reply to “Google Chrome – now they have a browser. World domination beckons.”

  1. If only it worked on a mac.. I’ll switch straight away if it is faster – all that matters to me is speed, stability with lots of tabs, and bookmarklets in the toolbar 🙂

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