Google Reader – Commoncraft helps explain what we’re all on about!

A turning point for me in my development as an online learner, was when I set up my Google Reader and started subscribing to blogs written by teachers and people interested in education and the impact of technology on learning. Whenever I talk to people about how I made the leap from someone with no idea to someone with some idea, I make reference to the importance of my Google Reader and how it keeps me up to date with current thinking.

Now I can point them to this. Lee and Sachi Lefever from Commoncraft (almost feel like I know them now!) have made a plain English video explaining Google Reader. Google asked them to do it. Way to go Lee and Sachi!

Watch and learn.

2 Replies to “Google Reader – Commoncraft helps explain what we’re all on about!”

  1. Thanks Jenny. I was looking at the Commoncraft site the other day to see if they had any new videos that I could use but I didn’t see this one! Again, it looks great

  2. I am introducing readers to a group of 7th and 8th graders next week, and this will help immensely too. Funny, when I first started using readers 2 years ago, I used Bloglines–felt I could understand it better. But I’ve moved over to Google Reader in the last six months, and LOVE it. I want to share GR, BL, and even igoogle, pageflakes, and netvibes as options for the kids to select what they are most comfortable with. CommonCraft Rocks! They make my job easy.

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