Not blocked in Bangkok

I’m sitting here at Bangkok airport taking advantage of the free wifi. Interestingly this blog isn’t blocked here like it is in China so I’m not having to go the Posterous route.  A two hour layover and then onto another flight to Hong Kong. Once there it will be full on, so it’s fortunate that we all got some good sleep on our overnight flight.

Hong Kong will be interesting to revisit. It’s a bit like Shanghai, difficult to appreciate during the day due to pollution but magnificnet at night when the lights transform the city. Visiting the peak is a must do, but this time I’ll make sure we catch the Peak tram up rather than the double decker bus that takes the winding journey around the mountainside. Not a good feeling whn you’re sleep deprived!

I’ce got a HP mini PC with me on this trip. Much easier to carry around and I’m getting used to the smaller interface. Handy really – I could become converted!

Check in with you again when I find me some access! (wherever that may be??)

2 Replies to “Not blocked in Bangkok”

  1. What I hate about the Bangkok Airport is you only get wireless once you’ve gone through the last security. I want it at the coffee shops out in the duty free section. 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

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