Village life – very different from Melbourne.

Finally have some internet access! The trip is going very well. We are currently in Ping An village and are gearing up for a six hr hike tomorrow. We hiked to a neighbouring village this afternoon and have just finished a very satisfying dinner at a local inn. Our time in Hong Kong was very busy. We visited the Temple Street market in the afternoon and then negotiated the subway system and found a recommended restaurant for dinner. Ater this we caught the ferry across Victoria Harbour and found our way to the Peak Tram. At the top of the Peak we went on the skydeck and took in the view. It was spectacular. Also very stressful negotiating your way in a non English speaking country with students under your charge. We had few laughs along the way as we fumbled our way through. The next day saw us boarding a train into mainland China. On arrival we boarded another train, but this time an overnight one taking us to Guilin. Thnkfully I still have all my possessions -last year I lost my camera on that train! Today we arrived at the rice terrace fields which are truly an amazing sight.The views are spectacular and seeing the Chinese people living their village life makes you appreciate how life can be lived in a different way from the fast paced lives we seem to have. The hike tomorrow will be an arduous one but the weather is more temperate than last year so that should take the edge off. I hope so anyway!

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