School’s out Friday

This is One year in 40 seconds. It’s beautiful. It’s the work of eirikso  (Eirik Solheim)  from Oslo in Norway. All the images were taken at the same spot over the course of 2008 showing the changing seasons. Look at this and contemplate the year ahead. What will you be doing as the seasons unfold? An open book right now ready to be filled.

Thanks to Elizabeth Holmes who posted the link to this on Twitter.

Enjoy the weekend!

6 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. This was interesting! After seeing this, I am thinking of taking a picture of my backyard on the first of every month to document the changes it goes through. If I remember, that is…

  2. Great video Jenny. It makes me want to try something similar. I wonder if it would also be a great project for our students . To capture something, at different times over the space of a year, makes you notice things that might have slipped passed unnoticed in just living!

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know your impressions. As Rhonda says, it could be an interesting project idea for our students. Something I might think about for this year.

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