School’s out Friday

My husband sent me this video during the week and it brightened the day for a colleague and myself. It was uploaded to YouTube in 2006 so you may have already seen it. How they put this together intrigues me -there are definitely some very clever people out there.

We are melting here in Melbourne right now. The temperature has been 41Degrees celcius + for the last three days and it looks like there is another one heading our way tomorrow.  There is little respite next week with temperatures forecast to be in the 30’s all week. Of course, school began back this week, just when the heat of summer set in. The kids are restless and tired and we are all searching for the elusive sniff of a breeze but there is none in sight.

The Library I work in is not air conditioned but home is, so I intend to hibernate!  Enjoy whatever comes your way this weekend.

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