Using Social Media to effect change

I presented today at a conference for students that was held at my school. My presentation was ‘Using Social Media to effect change’.  It’s embedded at the end of this post. I used SlideRocket to create the presentation and was once again impressed with this tool. Being able to search within the application for creative commons pictures from flickr made it easy to find the pictures I needed to create impact. (at least I hope I achieved that anyway) The theme for the gathering was ‘Global issues and women’ and students from Yr 11 were in attendance from my school and other schools in our vicinity.

I think it went well. I know the teachers accompanying the students were impressed. Probably the most powerful part of the session was being able to demonstrate the Twitter network. I presented twice and on both occasions put out a Tweet asking people to say hi and tell us where they were from. We received over 20 replies on each occasion and the students were able to see the array of locations where the tweets were coming from. They were really amazed that people in Beijing, Montana, Ho Chi Minh city, Bangkok, Maine, Nottingham, Sydney, New York, etc etc were replying to them. It certainly demonstrated what it means to be globally connected.

The other part that had impact related to building your digital footprint. Many of them had not considered the possibilities of being googled by employers with their only web presence being a myspace or facebook page. I think they left the day considering what it is they need to do to create a positive digital profile for themselves.

During the day they were presented with information about various causes they could get involved with and do something to support. I’m hopeful that some of them will join Working together 2 make a difference and chart their progress there. In doing so they’ll be helping to generate that positive digital profile!

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3 Replies to “Using Social Media to effect change”

  1. Great presentation, Jenny. SlideRocket looks cool. I keep meaning to “play” with it a little more. The concept of the digital footprint is one that resonates with students and teachers at my school. We’ve been spending quite a bit of time on that.

    1. You’re absolutely right Susan. I told the students I would be happy for any future employer to google my name and fomulate an impression of me from what they find. I posed the question to them, ‘Would they?’. You could hear the intake of breath!

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