Spreading the word to stop the word.


It’s a word with strong connotations.

I used to hear that word a lot when I was a kid. At school you’d hear it bandied around. “You’re retarded”, was something I remember people flipantly directing at team members when playing sport.

I don’t hear it so much now, but I’m not ten or twelve and hooning around a school playground. The Special Olympics organisation don’t like the word and have designated March 31st as ‘Spread the word to stop the word’ day. You can visit the site they have set up for this purpose and pledge your support.     

I know that I have certainly impressed upon my children the importance of recognising difference and respecting the feelings of others. I do the same with the children I teach. If you write a blog, get a post up today in support of this cause and do something to help eliminate  the use of the ‘R’ word.  

Laura Stockman is running a blog carnival today in support of this cause. If you do write a post, visit her blog and leave a comment letting her know that you have helped out.

4 Replies to “Spreading the word to stop the word.”

  1. Laura is just amazing. Your post is a powerful message, Jenny. Meanwhile, I’m smiling as I envisage you hooning around your primary school playground.

  2. Hi Ms. Luca–

    Thank you so much for your post yesterday. I am really glad you did it.

    What you said is still true. Lots of my peers say that word, I hear it all the time.

    Laura @ 25 Days

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