Top 100 Librarian Tweeters has posted a list of the Top 100 Librarian Tweeters and I’m honoured to say I appear on the list. In fact, there are five Australian Librarians who made it on the list. The other four were heyjudeonline, neerav, bookjewel, gonty.

Unfortunately, they didn’t include Kathryn Greenhill, an amazing librarian who is currently in the US and putting out some very helpful tweets from conferences she is attending while there. She is sirexkathryn on Twitter.

 Other great Teacher-Librarians to follow include Tania Sheko (taniasheko on Twitter), Rhonda Powling (bibliokat),  Jodie Heath (librarycanape) and  Carolyn Foote from Texas (technolibrary on Twitter).

Check out the list and see who else is there you might like to follow. I know that my professional learning has benefited from the generous nature of Librarians who are active on Twitter.

9 Replies to “Top 100 Librarian Tweeters”

  1. Very handy list, Jenny. Thanks for the mention. It’s interesting that I added followers and was followed after last night’s Insight program on internet censorship. So much more fun to tweet than just to watch!

  2. Glad to see so many librarians using twitter. I began with a good friend at our school. It has been interesting to share ideas and learn from each other.

    1. I had figured that might be the case. You see it happening more and more now. Your post is very interesting. I’d recommend that others read it.

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