School’s out Friday


Now this is clever.

It’s an interactive Easter Egg hunt on YouTube uploaded by naders07. What you do is watch the video that has been annotated by Nadine. You can tell it’s annotated because square boxes appear on the screen. When you click on one of these it takes you to another YouTube  video from Nadine where she reveals whether or not you have discovered an Easter treat. All told, Nadine has uploaded fourteen videos to YouTube for our Easter Egg hunting pleasure. I, for one, am pretty impressed by this feat. My 10 yr old son and I have had a lot of fun seeing if our guesses our correct.


Thanks go to Jarrod Robinson (MrRobbo on Twitter) for tweeting about this. Just what I needed today Jarrod. Thanks.  

I hope all of you (whoever you may be!)  have a lovely Easter break.  Enjoy the time spent with family and good friends.


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