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Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed
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I felt it only appropriate to use The Colbert Report‘s, Jeff Goldblum will be missed as this week’s School’s out Friday post. (Click above on ‘Jeff Goldblum will be missed’  to see the very funny eulogy Jeff delivers for himself.)

Considering I had to write a lengthy post to keep my online reputation intact after I’d tweeted about his possible death, I have to admit to having a good chuckle watching this. I hope Richard Wilkins is able to see the humour in it too. He’s copped a bit of a serve from some media commentators over the course of the week.

If you want to read where the whole rumour emanated from, take a look at John Skelton’s post. He’s a Scottish blogger laying claim to sending out the tweet that started the frenzy of activity.

Lying low this weekend; looks like a cold one coming up here in Melbourne. Fire, blanket, cup of tea (maybe a glass or two of wine). Hmmmnn—-sounds good really. Enjoy whatever it is you are doing.

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