School’s out Friday

Want a feel good video for the end of the week? Something that will make you laugh and possibly cry?

Then invest the next six minutes or so on watching the above video of Stavros Flatley and son and their effort for Britain’s got talent. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  

It’s a wonderful story of family love. You can see the depth of the relationship between father and son. It reminds me of the relationship my husband and son share. They don’t dance together, but my husband coaches my son’s soccer team. You can see the pride in my son’s eyes every week as they tackle the next game of the season.  My husband loves it too, so I hope they have a win this weekend!

Meet the weekend head on feeling positive about things after watching Stavros and son. That’s my plan. And just to make it even better, watch the video below. They made it to the final!!

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