School’s out Friday

School is officially out for me today. Yep, the year is at an end and the long summer break beckons. So much has happened this year; when I take a moment to reflect I realise just how busy it has all been. Next year we’re going to be occupying our temporary library and making the best we can of that while the new one is under construction. It will be interesting, but challenging. Nothing like a challenge to make life interesting. The only way to look at things I’m guessing! I thought I’d recognise the end of the school year with a video created by some of the students at my school. Micro is a great example of the humour and creativity we see from the students at Toorak College all the time.

I found out this week that a presentation proposal I submitted  for ISTE 2010 has been accepted. So, not only will I be heading to the States in January for Educon 2.2 in Philadelphia, but I’ll also be in Denver, Colorado in June for ISTE. Wow, big year ahead!

I’m heading to Sydney next week with my two gorgeous kids.  Off to show them some of the cultural heritage of the country we live in. I’ll post some pics! Enjoy your weekend.

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