Edublogs awards -time to get voting

Look to your right and you’ll see a badge in my sidebar indicating that this blog has been nominated for ‘Best Librarian/Library blog’ in the 2009 Edublogs awards. This is a wonderful honour to be bestowed upon me and I am very happy to have been nominated. I know who nominated me; Tomaz Lasic, a teacher from Perth who writes a very insightful blog called ‘Human‘.

Tomaz is someone I hold in very high esteem. He is a very passionate educator who is working in the Government system in Perth. He teaches kids who aren’t always that thrilled to be at school, but he puts everything he’s got into it. I know this, not because I’ve visited his school or seen him teach, but because I follow Tomaz on Twitter and read his excellent blog. It’s through his interactions via these mediums that I’ve been able to ascertain the type of teacher Tomaz is; involved, interested, concerned, caring and funny to boot. To be nominated for an edublogs award by someone like Tomaz is high praise indeed and something that I will remember always.

The list of blogs in the Librarian/Library category is a very impressive one. I’m thrilled to see SLAV’s Bright Ideas blog nominated and would encourage Australian librarians to get behind Judith Way’s efforts and vote for them. The Edublogs awards process is a great way to discover blogs you might never have come across otherwise. I’d encourage all of you to check out the nominations and use it as an opportunity to find a new voice deserving of a greater audience. Voting closes on Wednesday the 16th of December and the winners are announced at a ceremony relayed via Elluminate on Friday the 18th of December.

Go to it. Explore, read and vote!

3 Replies to “Edublogs awards -time to get voting”

  1. Your post just pinged me… Oh get outta there Jenny, blush time :”-)

    Just voted too and I hope you get a bagful more. But then it is, as you say, the nominations that are the real (and nice) ‘nods’ from peers around this wonderfully crazy world of ours.

    A great Christmas, ‘resolution-free’ New Year and a restful school holiday to you and your family!


    1. And the same to you and yours Tomaz! I like the idea of a resolution free New Year, especially as I never seem to be able to stick to any that I make anyway!

  2. Congratulations Jenny. I started writing a post about nominating sites and then just did not get back to the computer. We have been up to our necks in staocktaking and weeding. This year an amazing amount of much-loved (by teachers) but unused (by students) books finally left our shelves for good.
    I am certainly going to vote in a number of areas but what a shame that your blog and Bright Ideas are in the same category

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