Staying safe online: Responsible Internet use presentation

I mentioned in my previous post that my school (Toorak College) is participating as a pilot school in the Allanah and Madeline foundation’s Esmart initiative. As a 1:1 laptop school from Grade 5 onwards, we recognise the responsibility we have to help our students understand how to use the Internet responsibly.

I created this presentation (which unfortunately, won’t embed here -you’ll need to follow the link) for the year 5 and 6 students and delivered it today. I was really pleased with the students’ interest in what I was saying and the vast array of questions they posed about their online activities. At the end of the presentation, one of their teachers asked were any of them going home to make some changes to their online profiles. Quite a few of them raised their hands. Our discussion centered on the content of these slides, but was also peppered with discussion about the positive uses of the web for learning and communication. We were interested in supporting these students in their use of social networking sites; quite a few of them are using them already. I think the messages in the slides will be appropriate for our Yr 7 and 8 students as well.

Once again, I used Sliderocket to create the presentation. I really do love the fact that you are able to search Flickr Creative Commons pictures from within SlideRocket and import them into your presentation. In past presentations, the attribution appeared at the bottom of the slide. Now they appear when you hover over the picture. The Internet safety advice was largely drawn from the Australian Government site, ACMA Cybersmart.

We are aiming to run sessions right through the school, from Grade 3 onwards. Looks like I might be making some good use of that SlideRocket account!

4 Replies to “Staying safe online: Responsible Internet use presentation”

  1. Loved the Spiderman image particularly! How on earth did you come up with that one?

    Only thing I’d raise – would parents actually know how to make sure a Facebook profile is private?

    1. That image is my personal favourite too! It’s why I love using SlideRocket – it searches flickr creative commons pictures from within the app and you then easily load it directly into your presentation and the attribution appears when you hover over the pic. I can’t remember the search term I used to source it, but I was convinced it was just the pic I needed as soon as I saw it. You’re right about the parents and some of them not knowing about the profile settings. That became part of the discussion we had. We talked how about how Facebook’s privacy settings automatically defaulted in December and how important it was for them to change those settings. Facebook is the one thing that gets blocked at school – I was frustrated not being able to demonstrate it. Think I’ll need to do a screencast at home about this and use it when I do the presentation with other students.

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