School’s out Friday

If you haven’t yet come across this I’m sure you’ll find it amusing. This is the students and faculty from the University of Washington’s Information School and their ‘Librarians do Gaga‘ effort. I’m sure Lady Gaga would approve!

I love the line, ‘Don’t forget the databases’. Hopefully our databases will no longer be overlooked now that we have them available for searching within our library catalogue. We have moved over to a new system this year and it enables Federated Searching. This means that any site that is Z39.50 compliant can have their information fed though our library catalogue. Search results come up with whatever selections you have chosen. For example, you could select the search areas of Toorak College database, World Book Encylopedia, Facts on File databases and EDNA resources. Your search return would concurrently  list results from each of these resources.  When you visit a result you leap directly into the database. Brilliant. No longer is there a need for students to leave our library OPAC for a database search. We demonstrated it to our staff last night and could hear their favourable reaction to the search results that appeared on the screen. Next step is getting our students familiar with the system. Hopefully we will see greater use of the databases we subscribe to as a result. Let’s face it, they are great resources and ensure authoritative search returns, but they cost a bomb and need to justify their purchase.

Correction and report writing this weekend. Yippee! Hopefully some time will be available for a bit of light relief too!

Enjoy whatever comes your way. : )

12 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. I’d love to see your new library catalogue system, Jenny. From what you’ve told me, it sounds brilliant, integrating everything and making things more accessible. I’ll be interested in following up how your students take to it.

  2. Highlighting these rich resources as you do in your post is so important. The information age brings an abundance of information. Being able to use it well is a key skill. The video is a fun reminder about quality resources. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Happy holidays Mel! They should be with you pretty soon, shouldn’t they? Hope your Librarians enjoy it. : )

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Loved your video.
    What system are you using for your federated searching? I have seen a couple of different ones recently. Love the idea of students being able to search the library catalogue and any databases all at the same time. I think this will encourage better use of databases as they often get forgotten when students have to search them individually.

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