School’s out Friday

I saw this video featured on a morning television show this week. I’d seen it quite awhile ago, and was very happy to be reminded of it. It’s one of those videos that always raises a smile, particularly for those of us of the female persuasion. Dealing with a man cold can be hard work. And that can be trifling compared with the hurty knee mentioned in the latter part of this sketch!!

We’re feeling the winter weather here in Melbourne at the moment. Our temporary library at school is cosy warm and is a bit of a magnet for the students in their breaks. We’ve heard a few sniffles around the place as winter colds take hold. I’ll be heading for a season change shortly; in eleven days I’ll be heading to St. Louis and Denver in the United States. Got a lot to do before then; better get cracking this weekend. Thank goodness it’s a long weekend here in the majority of Australian States. We’re celebrating the Queen’s Birthday, Constitutional Monarchy that we are!

Hope your weekend treats you well – rug up if you’re in the colder climes. : )

5 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Hi Jenny

    I went to your twitter event on Thursday at 7.30 – did it happen? I waited in the session but nothing appeard to happen.


    1. Hi Yvonne,
      It was supposed to be on the Wednesday night, not Thursday, and I was unable to get into the room due to an error message. We’ve rescheduled it for next Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. I hope i won’t encounter the same problem. Sorry for the confusion. The email that was sent out via classroom 2.0 had the wrong day listed. Hope to see you there next Wednesday evening all going well. I’d love the company!
      Jenny : )

  2. The only thing worse than a winter cold is a summer cold. My husband was sick about a week and a half ago. May is usually the window of time before my kids get out of school, but my classes at the university are over, so I have quiet time to work. Unfortunately, my husband got sick for a week with the cold and stayed home! No quiet time for me.

  3. Mancold is myth! I should know…after all, cough, cough, I’m a man!
    Ah…choo! Where’s the Panadol…?

    We don’t get colds. We get mind blowing flu!

    Colds are for girls…

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