School’s out Friday

I don’t know how I missed this one. It’s another improveverywhere MP3 experiment mission filmed in October. On this occasion, improveverywhere agents downloaded the same MP3 file and played it at the same time, all following the instructions outlined in the recording. The results are great to watch. I really must get involved in a Melbourne based improveverywhere type mission someday. If one is on your radar, let me know!

My son had his graduation ceremony from Primary School tonight. Where did those years go? It seems like just a short time ago he was having his photo taken on his first day of Prep. Next year, High School. I must be getting on! (As an aside, how did these events evolve in Australian society? When I left Primary School, there was nothing like this!)

A couple more days of school for me next week and then it’s school holidays. I am very much looking forward to some downtime. We’ve spent the year in a temporary library and have been immersed in planning for a new library due to open at the start of the 2011 school year. Two ‘E’s apply to this experience – excitement and exhaustion. Right now, it’s the latter of the two that have taken over. I am definitely in need of revitalisation!

Hope the weekend holds something special in store for you. Enjoy it. : )

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