School’s out Friday

I love this! Love it, I tell you.

OK, if you’re an American, you probably have seen it already as it was one of those ads played in prime viewing time during your Superbowl. Somehow, it missed my radar until last night when my son showed it to me and suggested it should go on my blog. I’ve been laughing ever since. Maybe I just have one of those quirky sense of humours. That, and the fact that I have a soft spot for anything that evokes my memories of that epic experience of seeing Star Wars when I was thirteen. I’ve said it here before, but that image of the Star Cruiser panning across the screen surpassed any cinematic experience I’d had up to that point in my life. It made Jaws look amatuerish. And that was saying something in 1977.

To make the experience even better, here’s the out-takes and bloopers of the Volkswagon ad. More mirth and merriment!

And for those of you with a sense of black humour, take a look at this parody that inserts a Toyota in place of a Volkswagon.

It’s school holidays here in Victoria, and I’ve just spent an idyllic day at the Melbourne Zoo with my children and my Mother. Days like that make me wish I was always on holidays. I hope you have had a wonderful week, and that there is something special awaiting you this weekend

Enjoy. : )

5 Replies to “School’s out Friday”

  1. Bahhahahahahahaha! Love the dog one walking backwards. . . and walking faster than Darth. . . and Darth shuffling faster to keep the dog in front of him!

    Yeah, I remember seeing the first Star Wars and the Imperial Cruiser/Starships whatever they were called shooting off/across the screen AND the accompanying music. It was so cool, wasn’t it?!

    Josie x

  2. Actually, the ad reminds me of when my kids were young. Up until my son was 7 he thought he could open the automatic doors into stores by blinking his eyes. I also told my kids that I had magic powers that allowed me to know whenever they were misbehaving (actually just a keen sense of hearing and the knowledge that “silence” from my kids knew that they were up to something).

    Sigh. How I miss those days!

  3. My name is Brent Laforce and I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 Class at The University of SDouth Alabama. I was assigned to comment on this blog this week. I actually do not remember that commercial either. I think that these videos are hilarious and can tell that you have a great sense of humor.

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