School’s out Friday

Here’s improveverywhere’s lastest mission, The Mute Button. 23 actors and 2 dogs assembled to go ‘mute’ at coordinated intervals in Brooklyn’s Battery park. This mission was filmed to support the Guggenheim Museum’s Stillspotting exhibition. Stillspotting is a response to the pace of life in New York City.

“The ever-present cacophony of traffic, construction, and commerce; the struggle for mental and physical space; and the anxious need for constant communication in person or via technology are relentless assaults on the senses. One wonders how locals and visitors can escape, find respite, and make peace with their space in this “city that never sleeps.” “

The Guggenheim Museum takes their Stillspotting exhibitions out to the five burroughs of NYC, to places where they identify a need for ‘stillspots’. I’d never heard of this idea until now, but it makes sense to do something like this in New York. Having spent just a week there, you do notice the ‘always on’ pace of life. I would love to live in New York for a period of time at some stage in my life, but I do wonder if I would get to a stage where I craved for a quieter existence.

I’m craving a good night’s sleep and a decent lie in right now. Thank goodness it’s a long weekend here in Australia. Three wonderful work free days ahead. With any luck, I’ll get some time to devote to the HTML and CSS course that I am failing miserably at right now. If not, it might be time to graciously admit defeat!

If a long weekend awaits you, enjoy. If it’s a regular weekend for you, enjoy that too. They’re always good. : )

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