Prescribed viewing – Daniel Kraft on Medicine’s future

Watch this, and tell me that doctors will resist these changes to their profession.

They won’t. They’ll embrace them, because health matters to all of us, and we will demand uptake. We lay people will be involved in it too, as we use our mobile devices to access apps that measure, control and advise us how to best manage our health.

So why such resistance in education to change? Why, when we see the communicative potential of the web to connect with expert voices, to learn beyond our classroom walls, why do we see teachers cling onto textbooks and churn out assignments that Google can answer in 10 minutes?

Maybe Daniel Kraft’s Ted talk should be prescribed viewing for our profession. Maybe it’s the dose of reality we need.


2 Replies to “Prescribed viewing – Daniel Kraft on Medicine’s future”

  1. Hi jenny!
    I’m a student in Doctor Strange’s EDM 310 class and I was assigned your blog to comment on. I really loved the video you posted and I completely agree with your post. It demonstrates all the good changes that technology brings into our society. If such advances can be made regarding medicine, it’s amazing to see how it can apply to education.
    I enjoyed reading your post!

    1. Nice to have you visit Alana. Let’s hope the next crop of teachers coming through will be open to how we implement new ways of doing things into our curriculum.
      Jenny : )

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