School’s out Friday

Those of you who are die hard Harry Potter fans will be champing at the bit waiting for July 15th to unveil the final installment of the saga. Judging by this trailer, it’ll be a tad more steeped in action than the first part of the final installment that was released last year.

And just when we thought we could put the whole Harry Potter saga behind us, then what should JK Rowling do? None other than tease all those die hard fans with this!

Hmmmnnn… just what is JK Rowling up to? I have to say, reading the final pages of the saga made me think we were definitely going to see more of Harry Potter, only this time I’m figuring it will focus on one of his children rather than Harry. Here’s what appears at the bottom of the Pottermore webpage;

Harry Potter and Pottermore Publishing Rights © J.K. Rowling

Of course, the fan pages and blogs are abuzz with the news. Apparently JK Rowling will make an announcement 5 days from now, enlightening us all as to what is in store. Expect to see it reach the headlines! Embedded within the Pottermore webpage is a link to a hidden video from JK Rowling with a countdown clock and a message saying, “The owls are gathering… Find out why soon

It’s all very intriguing. Can’t wait to see what it’s all about.

Try and contain your excitement and enjoy the weekend ahead. I’m definitely going to make a go of doing so. ; )

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