School’s out Friday

cropped with SnipSnip

Hamish and Andy’s antics really appeal to my sense of humour. My kids love them too. Not so my husband. He can barely raise a smile while we chuckle away at what they get up to. Right now, they are having a Gap Year in New York City, and are recording an hourly show for a television network here in Australia. They were a bit flat last week I thought, but this week they returned to some good form. In this clip, Hamish is exhibiting his skills as a love doctor for Andy, with very little success I might add. See if you share my sense of humour and find this amusing. If you don’t, you belong in my husband’s camp!

I clipped this Youtube video using SnipSnip, an incredibly easy cropping site for YouTube vids. Give it a go if you want your students to see a particular part of an extended clip. All you need to do is paste the url into the site, and determine the start and end times of the clip. Type these times into the appropriate field and click ‘snip it’. You’re then given embed code and a link to share. Easy peasy.

I’m so pleased to see Friday today, especially considering I woke up yesterday morning and said to myself, “At least it’s Friday”. Rude awakening came my way upon realising it was in fact Thursday! It’s not good when you’re a day ahead of yourself during the working week. We’ve had some glorious weather here in Melbourne this week, and I hope some of it reappears over the weekend.

Hope your weekend fills you with joy. Make the most of it. : )

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