School’s out Friday

cropped with SnipSnip

Hamish and Andy’s antics really appeal to my sense of humour. My kids love them too. Not so my husband. He can barely raise a smile while we chuckle away at what they get up to. Right now, they are having a Gap Year in New York City, and are recording an hourly show for a television network here in Australia. They were a bit flat last week I thought, but this week they returned to some good form. In this clip, Hamish is exhibiting his skills as a love doctor for Andy, with very little success I might add. See if you share my sense of humour and find this amusing. If you don’t, you belong in my husband’s camp!

I clipped this Youtube video using SnipSnip, an incredibly easy cropping site for YouTube vids. Give it a go if you want your students to see a particular part of an extended clip. All you need to do is paste the url into the site, and determine the start and end times of the clip. Type these times into the appropriate field and click ‘snip it’. You’re then given embed code and a link to share. Easy peasy.

I’m so pleased to see Friday today, especially considering I woke up yesterday morning and said to myself, “At least it’s Friday”. Rude awakening came my way upon realising it was in fact Thursday! It’s not good when you’re a day ahead of yourself during the working week. We’ve had some glorious weather here in Melbourne this week, and I hope some of it reappears over the weekend.

Hope your weekend fills you with joy. Make the most of it. : )

School’s out Friday

I was watching our television news tonight, and was amazed to see this footage of Ambam, a bachelor Western Lowland gorilla at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England who apparently loves to walk around like this. My first reaction was to wonder if it was a man dressed in a very lifelike gorilla suit, and it brought to mind a prank delivered by Australian comedians Hamish and Andy. Take a look at their very funny effort at the Werribee Open Range Zoo.

The kids are back at school next week, just as the hot weather arrives. I’m guessing our air conditioned library just might be the destination of choice on their first day back next year!

If you’re in Melbourne, stay cool this weekend. Chill out, literally!

School’s out Friday

Hey everyone. Have you seen this? Our local guys have done good!

It’s Hamish and Andy, fellow Melbournians,  appearing last night on ‘The Jay Leno Show‘. They demonstrated World Championship Ghosting  to a US audience. You’ve just got to appreciate Hamish’s sandman move. Classic ghosting technique at its finest.

If you missed an earlier School’s out Friday post that highlighted Team Ghosting, don’t fret. I’ve embedded it here. Watch and learn.

Finally, school holidays have arrived here in Australia. Sleeping in, sitting out in the sun, reconnecting with my network. Aaahh….sounds like bliss….

Enjoy your weekend. Live life to the fullest. Go ghosting.

School’s out Friday

I love Hamish and Andy. You’ve probably figured this out if you’ve been following School’s out Friday posts for awhile. This one is worthy of a look. It’s Hamish and Andy freeating for a week. They decided that a solution to the Global Financial Crisis would be to avoid paying for food and see what you could get for free. They weren’t allowed to try the same tactic more than once.

I certainly laughed. I hope you do too if you watch it. Have a great weekend.

School’s out Friday

Thank God for Hamish and Andy. Sometimes it’s really hard to source a School’s out Friday post, but not when Hamish and Andy are around to provide good fodder. This time they are indulging in the good old Australian tradition of knick knocking. This involves going around and knocking on people’s windows or doors and hiding before you are detected.  They’ve added a twist. This time they have a bag over their head when they knock on the door and have only three steps to take to hide. The results are typical Hamish and Andy.

I’ve got a weekend of hard work before I head off to China very early Tuesday morning for 18 days with students from my school. I really don’t know how I’m going to get everything done but I’m going to give it a red hot go. Hope your weekend is nowhere near as busy!!

School’s out Friday

Friday again! Rolls around fast doesn’t it?

Had to revisit Hamish and Andy who took on the Olympic city of Beijing to take the sport of Ghosting to a new level – Forbidden Ghosting in the Forbidden City! Funny guys, and game ones at that, without a doubt.

For those of you wondering how Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’s visit to my school went yesterday, it was great. I’ll write about it tomorrow when it’s not one o’clock in the morning and I’m not sitting at my laptop with a glazed expression that reeks of too much to do, too little time and too little sleep!

Nearly spring! (Or Autumn/Fall for all you Northern Hemisphere folk) Enjoy the weekend.  

School’s out Friday

A couple of weeks ago I featured Hamish and Andy and their Team Ghosting effort in the streets of Melbourne. Quite a lot of people commented on it both on and off the blog. I love Hamish and Andy. They have a radio program from 4.00pm -6.00pm on 101.9 Fox FM here in Melbourne, Australia. They’re great listening. I cringe when they play their blast from the past segment. What they do is select a random phone number and ring that person. The task is to convince the person on the end of the phone that they’re a friend from the past and then they have to get them to agree to something, be it looking after their children, lending them money or giving them a psychic reading amongst others. Cringable stuff but very funny nonetheless.

This is them seeing what they can get when they use crying as a method. Funny stuff.

Enjoy your weekend.