School’s out Friday

By now, you’d all be aware that I love a good flash mob. I love the shared commitment, the synchronised dancing, the sheer enjoyment of watching people loving life. But this week’s flash mob really takes the cake. This is the Sock Summit 2011 Flash Mob. Here we see hundreds of knitters coming together to dance for the love of yarn. I never knew people could have such a passionate relationship with a ball of wool. Obviously, I’ve been missing something all these long, lonely, yarn free years. Maybe I need to re-evaluate my life? These people look really happy. One YouTuber has left a comment with this video, saying,

That’s it, it’s official: I’m taking a skein of yarn to Prom this year and slow-dancing with it.

This could be the start of something!!

No other postings this week is testament to a full on week where I’m feeling overwhelmed with what needs to be done. I don’t know about you, but I seem to be chasing my tail all the time of late and just never seem to be able to find the time to dedicate to a good blog post or two. Hopefully, I’ll get another post happening before the weekend’s end, but if not, so be it. Maybe I’ll take up knitting instead, and find happiness and fulfillment with a ball of wool!

Hope your weekend’s memorable. Have the time of your life, with wool, or without!

Enjoy. : )

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