TAGGED – A cautionary tale about cyberbullying and sexting from acma

Make sure you watch this brilliant piece of film-making here from the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Cybersmart program, and then champion for it to be shown to students in your schools. I’m sure this 18 minute film will relay the important message of protecting yourself and others online, far more effectively than any lecture from a teacher. From the acma site:

Tagged is supported by lesson plans and compelling character reflection interviews. It explores themes of personal and peer safety and responsibility that are crucial to maintaining positive online behaviours and digital reputation into adulthood.

Thanks go to acma for working so hard to ensure quality resources are available for teachers not only in Australia, but worldwide. These issues cross all continents, and a resource like this can be used in classrooms everywhere.

One Reply to “TAGGED – A cautionary tale about cyberbullying and sexting from acma”

  1. We appreciate your feedback and support Jenny! We are also looking forward to hearing what other people think about the film and it’s educational resources. Tagged (www.cybersmart.gov.au/tagged) shows how things can spiral out of control quite quickly, and the real life consequences of not protecting your digital reputation.

    The best approach to cybersafety issues is the understanding that awareness and education is key – if we arm ourselves and our kids with the knowledge to make the right choices in life, we can help to reduce the impact and instances of cyberbullying and sexting getting out of control.

    Gretchen Croome – Senior Communications Advisor for Cybersmart

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