School’s out Friday

Thanks this week go to Kathy Schrock, who tweeted about this Christmas Flash Mob at The Carlson School of Management. The saxophonist was joined by 300 of his friends from the University of Minnesota’s School of Music this November, and they are here tonight for your enjoyment. Do watch and enjoy.

I recently got an iphone 4S, and have really enjoyed getting to use Siri, the inbuilt office assistant that you talk to and it retrieves the information you have requested. I’ve done the obvious things like asking what the weather will be like, but have also asked it to phone my husband and send a text message. It performs really well, and I can already envision how I will be using it in my workplace next year. I’m not great at using the calendar on my computer for appointments. I know, I can already hear you gasping as you contemplate how a tech savvy person like me still relies more heavily on hand written diary entries for remembering appointments! I’m finding my system is flawed now as I take my computer or iPad with me everywhere (and the phone too!) and don’t always have the diary. I figure if I ask Siri to send me reminders, and use the calendar on my computer more effectively, then I’m not going to strike any embarrassing moments like double booking appointments. The following Apple ad featuring a jolly fat man has me convinced I can be organising my time more effectively!

Merry Christmas to you all, dear readers. Happy holidays to those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas. I hope you get the opportunity to share moments of fun, frivolity and merriment. Hopefully you’ll get a little quiet time for yourself in there too along the way.

Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it. The healthy eating regime can start in the New Year : )

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