School’s out Friday

Jim Gates shared this video on Twitter earlier in the week, and I knew instantly it just had to be the focus of School’s out Friday. I worked in a bookshop from the age of 15 through to 22, and I can’t imagine the hours it took to create this stop motion video. Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife own Type, a bookshop in Toronto Canada. They, and 25 volunteers, spent quite a few sleepless nights it seems reorganising these books to create the effect we see above. I love the little touches, like the textas and plastic figurines getting into the act too.

I’m sure a video like this evokes a response in people who love reading. Some will see it as a homage to the printed book, and the bookshops that are facing troubling times as we see  ebooks begin to make inroads into the way we consume reading matter. I think it’s a very clever marketing tool for this bookshop, and with over a million views on YouTube, I do hope the owners are seeing an increase in foot traffic to their store. They should do, it’s also been featured in the Toronto Standard and The New Yorker.

I’m in the process of writing a post about our school’s decision to use Overdrive, a platform for downloading borrowable ebooks and audiobooks to devices. I’m sure there are many out there who see the move to files for borrowing as a threat to libraries, but I’m very comfortable with what we are doing. Look out for the post. I hope to have it up in the next couple of hours.

We’ve seen a few grey days here in Melbourne this week. The prognosis is for a sunny weekend. Bring it on I say! It’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow – we need some sun so we can crank up the barbie for family and friends.

Enjoy whatever comes your way this weekend. : )


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  1. Loved this video and like you, heard about it on twitter. After watching, I immediately thought of you and just knew it would be on School’s out Friday soon. I also checked out Toorak College on google earth and maps this afternoon. Enjoyed reading the history on the school. I see you are across Port Phillip Bay from Geelong and the small community of Leopold. If you haven’t seen the blog of Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan, 2KM and 2KJ@Leopold Primary School, you should google it ASAP. Like you, two more amazing educators that present lessons in an engaging, enjoyable manner making learning fun for their students.
    Have you read about Apples announcement coming out soon? Know you will be interested because this look like it will be a boom for education and epublishing.
    I believe you are still on holidays. Enjoy your last few days to the MAX.

    1. Hi Rich,

      I do know of the work being done by Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan, and emailed a link to their blog to a friend of my who is returning to a primary school grade just recently. They do wonderful work. How nice of you to do a bit of research into where I work. It’s a beautiful location and a truly beautiful school. I feel fortunate every time I enter the school grounds.
      I’m looking forward to the announcement from Apple next week – my guess will be that it will quite likely turn education in some way, to their economic advantage obviously.
      Holidays for two more weeks – blissful. Hope things are travelling well for you in your part of the world. : )


      Jenny : )

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