School’s out Friday

This is the winner of the 2012 Chevy Superbowl competition, designed to outsource production of a commercial that would appear during the American NFL Superbowl final. Interestingly, one of the comments in the YouTube comment thread was this,

“Ok, I counted at least 24 occurrences of the US Flag in the background. How many did u count?” Bmbhere

It made me go back to watch it again as it was something I hadn’t picked up on when I first viewed it. I bet you take a second look too!

Beautiful weather here in Melbourne at the moment. A glorious weekend awaits, as does a return to school on Monday. That’ll be a bit of a shock to the system after what has been a wonderful and restful holiday break.

Make the most of your weekend. Hope the sun shines on you. : )

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