First day, 2012

I’m home.


Just tweeted that I felt overwhelmed.

It’s the first day back.

No kids, just meetings.

Laying out the year ahead.

Thinking about all that needs to be done.


Tomorrow, more meetings.

I’ll be overwhelmed.


Wednesday will be different.

Kids will be there.

I won’t feel overwhelmed.

I’ll be invigorated by a smile.

I’ll be touched by a ‘hello’.

I’ll be lifted by excited voices.

I’ll see people at their best.

I’ll feel connected to something important.

I’ll see purpose in my work.

I’ll be home.

4 Replies to “First day, 2012”

  1. Hang in there, Jenny. I am preparing to feel overwhelmed on Wednesday. I plan to put things on hold so that I can adjust gradually. Hope we can do something together this year – it’ll be fun!

    1. Thanks Tania. Yes, let’s try to get something happening this year. Our girl’s could do with hearing male perspective.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    After reading your “overwhelmed” tweet today I was worried! I start the meetings on Wednesday. I had last week away from the library, but feel like I haven’t really left the building.

    I’m like you…it’s the kids that lift my spirits and when they arrive my heart sings because I know they are the reason I come in every day and love doing what I do…

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