School’s out Friday

Ever played Angry Birds? I became addicted while I was travelling through Italy last year. I had no Internet access in my room at night, and the only game on my phone was Angry Birds, something my kids had played. I opened it up one night and lost myself in the quest to blow up pigs with a repertoire of birds with hidden talents. I reckon I’d have a lot of fun playing it live in Barcelona too.

There’s no time for Angry Birds now. School resumed this week, and it’s full on. I’ve loved seeing our students return and have enjoyed showing our Year 7 & 8 students the Overdrive platform for ebooks and audiobooks. Right now though, I’m exhausted and am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.

Beautiful weather awaits us here in Melbourne this weekend. I’m looking forward to spending some time sitting outside and soaking up a few rays.

Enjoy whatever comes your way. : )

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