Thank God it’s Saturday

OK, a departure from the norm. It’s the sign of a busy week when I don’t get a School’s out Friday post up. I just could not keep my eyes open last night, and now I’m feeling bad. So, for those of you with nothing to do on a Saturday night, here, for your viewing pleasure, is ‘Star Wars Uncut‘. All 2 hours and three minutes of it on YouTube. Casey Pugh was the mastermind behind this project, where members of the public were invited to create 15 seconds of footage fron Star Wars episode IV (you know, the good one, none of that episode I – III rubbish) all of which was then then edited to recreate the original film. It’s a celebration of creativity!

Enjoy the weekend. It’s 10.23pm here on Saturday night, and my eyes are closing again. Best get myself the sleep I need so I can face another busy week ahead. : )


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