School’s out Friday

Here’s one of the commercials that was aired for the first time during the Super Bowl in America. It’s the new Volkswagon commercial, ‘The Dog Strikes Back‘, and it pays homage to the Darth Vadar commercial they aired last year. Take another look at that one (makes me laugh every time I see that kid jolt at the end!) and see if you think the new commercial holds its own against the newbie.

Now watch this. Your appreciation for ‘The Dog Strikes Back‘, will be heightened, when you see the effort that went into it’s creation. Bolt (the dog) is one truly impressive canine, and I was pleased to see it was his Australian Shepard heritage that was attributed to his impressive intelligence. 😉 And how about the recreation of the Star Wars Cantina! Just how much money is committed to television commercials these days?

My appreciation for my soft pillow is what I’m looking forward to after a hectic working week. I’m off to a work colleague’s party tomorrow night and have to adhere to the 60’s clothing theme she’s prescribed. A visit to Savers tonight found me the unflattering attire I’ll adorn for the occasion, but I’m betting it’s going to be a lot of fun. I hope your weekend finds you having fun too, somewhere along the line.

Enjoy. : )

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